jQuery cForm - custom styled form elements

jQuery cForm

a jQuery Plugin for custom styled form elements

jQuery cForm replaces your standard, ugly form-elements with nice and clean non-form html code which can be styled via CSS.
The original elements are retained (just hidden), so you won´t loose any form-element related functionality.
You can add custom HTML templates for all supported form elements and use CSS to style them. Or you just use the default templates and style them with the included CSS or SCSS file.



input: "text" & "password"

input: "checkbox" & "radio"


textarea & file


submit & button


1. Include script

Add jquery.cform.js or jquery.cform.min.js in your html file

2. Include styles

Add cform.style.css or cform.style.min.css in your html file
This will add basic styling for the generated elements.

3. Call cForm

Call cForm inside of your $(document).ready() function.
You can either call it on elements which contain multiple form-elements (which will than work on every of this element) or on a form-element directly (which will just style this element).


4. Enjoy!

Additional Information

The original form-element won´t be removed from the DOM. It will just be hidden. Changing the value of the cForm element (by user interaction) will also change the connected (and hidden) form-element.

If you want to change a form-value by JavaScript, change the value of the original element and use the jQuery function .trigger('change') on the changed element: the connected cForm element will than be updated automatically.

Plugin Options

  templates: {
    text:        'html-template',
    textarea:    'html-template',
    password:    'html-template',
    file:        'html-template',
    checkbox:    'html-template',
    radio:       'html-template',
    select:      'html-template',
    multiselect: 'html-template',
    option:      'html-template',
    button:      'html-template',
    submit:      'html-template',


In case of text, password and textarea, the given template will just be wraped around the input.

All other templates have to include 'data-name="{{name}}"' and 'data-value="{{value}}"' in the outermost element.

select templates have to contain the placeholder {{text}}, which indicates the position the current selected value will be shown.

See below for the default templates.

List of default templates // text

input type="text"
<div class="cform-text"></div>

input type="password" // password
<div class="cform-text cform-password"></div>

textarea // textarea
<div class="cform-text"></div>

input type="file" // file
<div class="cform-file" data-name="{{name}}">
  <div class="cform-control">choose file</div>
  <div class="cform-filename"> click here</div>

input type="checkbox" // checkbox
<div class="cform-checkbox" data-name="{{name}}" data-value="{{value}}">
  <div class="cform-marker"></div>

input type="radio" // radio
<div class="cform-radio" data-name="{{name}}" data-value="{{value}}">
  <div class="cform-marker"></div>

select // select
<div class="cform-select {{class}}" data-name="{{name}}">
  <div class="cform-control">{{text}}</div>

select multiple // multiselect
<div class="cform-multiselect {{class}}" data-name="{{name}}">

select option // option
<li data-value="{{value}}">{{text}}</li>

button // button
<div class="cform-button"></div>

input type="submit" // submit
<div class="cform-submit"></div>